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Nowy Werdon

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Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Wall Street

Size | King 3/8" Size

Square Feet | 9,906 SF

Architect | Maleccy, Design Office, Katowice

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

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Nowy Werdon

Nowy Werdon is a quite-unusual residential building. Two different types of apartments make up one apartment block: on the lower floors, there are three-level flats resembling segments. They have separate entrances to the outside, gardens, and garages. Smaller apartments occupy the upper floors of the building.

The history of the name of this architectural project is interesting. It relates to the workers' housing estate from the beginning of the 20th Century, located on the other side of Werdonu Street, whose tenants were veterans of the Battle of Verdun.

The whole body of Nowy Werdon was built of brick and covered with a gable tile roof. It is an overt reference to the Silesian construction tradition. Nowy Werdon was built on the site of old buildings which were not suitable for renovation due to their poor condition.

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